Arty, Buster and Jack

Arty and Buster

This was the first time I'd seen Arty since Chris and I got Arty and Phoebe at the Airedale Terrier Club of America's 100th anniversary, almost two years ago. While Phoebe has grown up to be a long-legged ballerina type, Arty has grown up to be a solid, handsome young boy. Arty's mission in life is to never let Chris out of his sight, day and night. Sometimes he gets to go to work with Chris. When he doesn't, Arty waits for her in a spot where he can launch himself at her as soon as she steps out of the car when she comes home. Arty's a mama's boy.

Arty loves playing with balls and is an excellent retriever.

Here's Arty with Buster, Chris' rescue Airedale. The week before we came, Arty had gone to the groomer. He hates being there so much, his wailing scares the other dogs there being groomed, so the groomer sent him home washed and combed but still a fuzzy dog. We decided to take matters in our own hands, went off and bought some clippers. After coaching Chris on how to use them, Chris shaved him down. Arty's tail wagged the whole time Chris buzzed around his body (OK, so we were feeding him delicious chunks of ham!) but Arty had enough by the time we got to his head, so that was finished after our trip was over. Sorry, no pictures of groomed Arty. We think he's very handsome, groomed or ungroomed.

Our next adventure was our trip to Port Angeles, above the Olympia State Park.

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