Beach 3, Olympic Peninsula

Cruising around the Olympic Peninsula

Back in Boston, a friend had told me to be sure and visit Beach 3, where you hiked through the rain forest to get to the beach. The sign is so small we almost missed it and had to turn around and go back to find it.

What a GREAT place! Sidney and Jack are hiking down the steep trail to the beach. Everywhere you looked, it was like a garden gone rampant and as we got nearer to the beach, it got foggier and foggier, like walking into a dream. Were there dinosaurs lucking up ahead?

The first thing we saw was a huge bald eagle peached on a rock by the sea. It peered at us through the fog as we approached, then it took off over the waves and circled back to a nest near the top of the ridge, screaming out all the while. The rocks were worn by the sea and look like Henry Moore sculptures. It still felt like dream place.

The tide pools were filled with turquoise sea urchins and orange and purple starfish and shellfish covered the rocks.

We stayed until the fog began to burn off. It was a hard place to leave. Hiking back up through the rain forest garden, we tried to see the eagles' nest but only heard their cries from the trees.

We had one more adventure before we got back to Olympia. We stopped at Lake Quinault to see the biggest tree in Washington State, or so the ranger said. Hiking back, Jack smelled something that drove him wild, a heavy musky odor to Sidney. Later we heard that a cougar had been seen in the area, so we started calling our scout, Cougar Jack. I was thrilled to find some oyster mushrooms on a tree. I picked them and we had them with dinner that night. Yum! What a treat! The next day we drove to Long Beach with Chris.

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