Camping in Maine, Oct 2001

Camping in Maine, Oct 2001

Our next adventure was centered around the Recompence Shore Campground in Freeport, Maine. When we got there, we found that one of the three primative cabins they rent was available so, instead of putting up the tent, we took it for the first night.

The cabin was adorable. It had little gas light fixtures which Sidney loved, a woodstove, a gas refrigerator, and two comfortable beds for our sleeping bags. We even had our our own private outhouse.

The cabin was right on the water, actually a tidal flat, so the dogs could wade when the tide was in. When the tide was out, the whole expanse of water became a mud flat for clamming. This is Hazel, Dinah and Phoebe. Jack had yet to become a water dog...

The campground is right next to Wolf Neck State Park, where we spent the rest of the afternoon. The dogs had a wild time on the beach...

and hiking on the trails. This is Jack coming up from the cliffs. We went into Portland for a wonderful dinner at Uffa's (go if you have the chance!), then came back and collapsed in our snug little cabin for the night. The next morning, we went off to Popham State Park in Bath, Maine. Unfortunately, the camera was left in the car so there are no pictures from beautiful Popham Beach. Sidney got Jack as close to swimming as he's ever been by wading out a sand bar and calling him over. When we walked back down the beach, Jack was very proud of his new skill, which he repeatedly demonstrated by running into the ocean. What a guy!

On the way back we stopped and walked the bike path between Bath and Topsham. By the time we got back to camp, the dogs were starving and tired. We set up the tent with cots on each side and 4 dog beds down the middle. The dogs were so tired, they lined right up and went to sleep. After dinner in Freeport, we did too.

The next morning we had one more visit to Wolf Neck. Hazel seems to be admiring the view for one last time before we said good-by to Maine. We drove back to Boston and the next day, Sidney and Jack started their trip back to Tucson.

Bye Sidney, Bye Jack!

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