Phoebe's Second Agility Trial

Phoebe's Second Trial, Bedford 2001

The Bedford trial was a two day affair with Phoebe entered in the novice standard class only. Staying for the jumpers class makes for a long day and that's asking a lot from such a young dog. Two weeks before, Phoebe ran her first trial, jumped off the dog-walk the first day and and the see-saw the second day. This time Phoebe ran much more smoothly and seemed to have processed that agility was going to be done in places besides our club's agility yard.

She earned an NQ (non-qualifying run) on the first day at the broad jump. You can see from the picture that the novice dogs came off the see-saw and had to turn a hard right to the broad jump. Many dogs were on the jump before they even saw it as the jump is so low to the ground. Phoebe stepped on the first plank before she jumped. Other than that bobble, she ran much more confidently than the week before.

Here she is, solidly in the contact zone coming off the dog walk.

The next day, Phoebe ran like a veteran. From the very first jump, she moved confidently from obstacle to obstacle, her only deduction coming at the table. She came at it so fast, she slid right off, jumped back on at once and downed. That cost 2 points, but she earned her first leg and a third place ribbon. A friend who watched her run two weeks before was amazed at how quickly Phoebe had adjusted to the competition setting. It was a thrill to be her partner! Late that afternoon, we drove to a cranberry bog in Marion, Ma. for a walk with Airedale friends.

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