Dogs in a Bog, September 2001

Dogs in a Cranberry Bog, September 2001

Some time after this page was posted, an email arrived from a cranberry grower:

"I was doing an image search on cranberry bogs and was shocked to see you allowed your dogs to run loose in a Marion cranberry bog. Most cranberry growers, myself included, are generous to people who want to walk their dogs around the bogs, but under no means should people take advantage of this generosity by allowing their dogs to run on the bogs. This can knock berries or buds off the vine, depending on the season, and is always damaging to the bogs. This is someone's livelihood. I implore you to keep your dogs off cranberry grower's bogs. If not for the grower's sake, then keep in mind the pesticides and herbicides that are on there."

Please take this to heart. KEEP ON THE ROADS AND OUT OF THE BOGS.

The cranberry bog we went to in Marion is down a long and bumpy road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It is wide open with the bog in the middle surrounded by feeder ponds that are used to flood the bog when the berries are harvested. This is the pond you see when you first begin to walk.

The dogs that were there were Hazel, Dinah, Phoebe and Jack, plus, Hazel's brothers Hobbes and Ruffy, Dinah's son Huck, and Phoebe's younger brother Gus. In this picture we have from left to right; Ruffy, Gus, Phoebe, Jack, Huck, and Dinah.

After a good long walk, we went back to the cars for a picnic. Getting a group picture was hard because the dogs were wanted to get out in the bog for MORE PLAY! Here we have, Dinah on the left; then front to back: Hobbes, Hazel, Phoebe, Gus, Jack; then humans back to front: Sidney, Re, Paul, Susannah; and Sally and Huck to the right.

We humans had an excellent picnic and the dogs did all right in the food department, too. Sid is feeding the gang and Paul is tempting Gus with a pear.

Two more portraits before we let the dogs take off for more play. Sally and Huck are on the left and Susannah and Hobbes are on the right.

Here's someone racing to keep up with the gang. We were in the bog until the sun set, and even then, no one wanted to go home. We'll have to do it again!

Our next adventure was the following weekend at Phoebe's third agility trial in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.

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