Phoebe's Third Agility Trial, Hampton Falls

Hampton Falls, N.H. September 2001

This was another two day trial about an hour north of Boston. A lot of our agility club members were there so we had lots of friends to watch. The first day, it was very windy, I was anxious (unusual for me), and the run was a little messy. Phoebe did all the obstacles but ran past several entries and had to be called back, incurring 4 refusals. Near the end of the run, Hazel, Dinah and Jack were up-wind on leash with Sidney. Phoebe caught the scent of her friends and trotted off for a visit. I was able to call her back and finish the course, but smooth it was not!

The next day was much better. I calmed down, and Phoebe did another neat run. She missed the entry of one obstacle, otherwise was clean, and she got her second leg and a second place ribbon. One more leg to go to earn her novice standard title.

The site of this trial is about as perfect as a trial site can be. There are tons of trails to explore and plenty of water for swimming. We spend the rest of the day hiking, getting ready for our next adventure, camping on the beautiful coast of Maine.

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