Vermont - September 2001

Vermont Visit - September 2001

The trip to Vermont began in rain so we didn't take pictures. We stayed with the Anderson's in Ludlow, where we went for a wet walk in the woods. Dandie, Phoebe's 8 months younger full-sister, thought her big sister was the best playmate imaginable. It was fun visiting with Nancy and the family but the best entertainment was watching the two youngsters tear around the fields, sharing toys and after wild sprints, flopping down together and chewing on each other. They didn't mind the rain!

The next day, we drove down through southern Vermont. The sun began to show through as we neared Manchester, so we got a picnic lunch and drove up Mount Equinox, the tallest peak in Teconic Range. As we approached the summit, a cloud moved in, so we had lunch in a cloud. So much for the view! Still, how often do you have a picnic in a cloud? Dinah, the dog with an insatiable appetite, stayed with us at lunch while the others went off hunting. Here is Dinah in the mist.

We got back home late that afternoon, after a walk at White's Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. The next day was Phoebe's second agility trial in Bedford, Ma.

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